AWE releases Millennium Development Goals dialogue cards

Multilayered Democracy Game dialogue cardAssociation for World Education (AWE) has released a new variety of the Multilayered Democracy Game. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) cards are now on-line


The MDG version of the Multilayered Democracy Game has been made available. Facilitators, trainers, andragogues, and teachers all over the world can now download it from AWE’s server. The new cards are known in avant-garde circles already. They have recently been tested by AWE Denmark at its international workshop that took place in the city of Vejle.

The Multilayered Democracy Game is also known as the Edugame. It was developed by AWE and International Academy for Education and Democracy (IAED). The Multilayered Democracy Game is meant to correspond to the need for world education in the nascent 21st century.

According to Edugame developer and AWE President Jakob Erle, multilayered democracy is a concept that recognizes and welcomes the emergence of global institutions that can handle the common challenges of mankind.

However, Multilayered Democracy demands of global governance that it becomes democratically controllable by the world’s inhabitants, according to Edugame website explanations. Henceforth, there is a need for the world’s inhabitants to learn about, to handle and eventually to take a role in controlling the emerging multilayered democracy.

This is where the Edugame enters the story. Edugame is meant to facilitate a dialogue among the players about how to proceed in facing the major common challenges.

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