AWE at the 64th annual UN-DPI (NGO) meeting

AWE representatives Noël Bonam, Kirsten Bruun and Rex O. Schade attended the 64th Annual UN-DPI meeting that took place in Bonn, Germany, between the 3rd and 5th of september 2011. The theme for the UN-DPI meeting was “Sustainable Societies, Responsive Citizens.”

More than 30 workshops and five main roundtable discussions took place during the three days, around this very important global topic – Sustainability and how we can achieve it and what actions could be taken by NGOs like AWE!

The group thoughtfully attended as many workshops as possible by strategically spreading out and by participating mainly in those related to education, world education and sustainability such as:

– Designing the transition to sustainable societies
– Advocacy training for Rio+20 and building green economy
– Volunteering for a sustainable future
– Giving voice to grassroots people
– Youth and young practitioners’ engagement
– Train, retrain, gain: Youth volunteer leadership
– Have we lost vision and courage? The role of civil society in democracies reviewed.

The Roundtable discussions concentrated around topics like:

– Sustainable consumption and production aspects of a globalizing world
– Civic engagment and voluntary action for achieving sustainability
– Role of Citizen Participation.

The final session, on Monday 5th September, 2011, discussed not only a Draft Conclusion and Recommendation to the UN about a World Declaration on Sustainability, but also covered a preparation for the RIO-meeting, June 2012, named as ‘RIO+20.’

Summary by Rex O. Schade on behalf of the AWE group that attended the DPI-Bonn meeting 2011

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  1. Wambedde W. Janet says:

    Am so happy that AWE has sustainably been represented on the United Nations Agenda on a voluntary basis. It is extremely important to have the Youth volunteer leadership trained, retrained to be able to gain so that the vision and courage is not lost. Thanks to Kirsten Bruun who has kept the steam.

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