AWE opens for online donations

Donate!Forty years work for World Education must continue. This is why the Association for World Education has decided to open for online donations.


It has become much easier for the world’s well-wishers and donors to support the AWE and its work. A secure link has now been added to the AWE website. Those who choose to donate are also invited to earmark their donations for the specific activities they prefer.

“Our core values are still the same as when we began working for globalization via World Education,” stresses AWE President Jakob Erle and adds:
“And it is still crucial to grasp that our version of globalization comes with concepts like human rights and universal identity, just as it did forty years ago when we started using the term.”

According to Erle, globalization with a human face will depend on donations – also in next forty years.

Photo by Judson Dunn

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