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Enlightenment for the 21st Century

A seminar at Mitranikatan, Kerala, India
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Table of Contents

From the Editor: Chris Spicer . p.3

Welcome address: Dr. Sujit Kumar Paul.

Integral Theory and Enlightened Learning. Chris Spicer. p.4-9
Universal Values as a Foundation for Enlightenment: Guido-Henri De Couvreur. p.9-11

Indian Pedagogical Perspective

Thoughts on Teacher Enlightenment: Dr. K. Y. Benedict. p.11-12
Pedagogies for a Global Competitive Learning Community: Dr. Bindu, R.L . p.12-14

Tagore’s Philosophy of Enlightenment and Education: Dr. Sujit Kumar Paul p.15-16

Networks of Agape and Creativity: Ananta Kumar Giri p.16-19

Dialogue and Synthesis

Seminar questions: A Composite of Responses from the flip charts p.20

Reflections on Enlightenment for life in the 21st century: Mette Højland and Eva Rikke Schultz. p.20-25

Stories of learning for enlightenment

Denmark: Nordfyn Folkehøjskole: Mette Højland. p.25-26
Viswanathan’s Story (interview with Chris Spicer) – begins p. 27

Phillippines: PILCD: Boi Nicolasora & Ramon Mapa. p.26-30
India: Mitraniketan People’s College: Sabith Pillai & Reghu Rama Das. p.31-33 US: Creating Enlightened Learning in the workplace:Chris Spicer. p.33-34

Recommendations from the Seminar p.35

Vol. 41 1+2 2011

Theme: Millinium development goals

Note of the Presidency by Sujit Kumar Paul
The Global Perspective by Mary Schnackenberg Cattani
Progress and Strategies in India by Sujit Kumar Paul
Poverty and some non Spoken Issues by Guido-Henri de Couvreur
Shooting the Ball to the Millennium Development Goals by Roberto “Boi” Nicolasora

China and the Millennium Development Goals by Jørn Boye Nielsen
Hard talks on MDG tour 2010 by Rex O. Schade & Gulli Jakobsen
MDGs bring World Education into the Classroom by Rikke Schultz

Volume 40 1+2 2010

Theme: Confintea 6

CONFINTEA from Hamburg to Belém by Jakob Erle

CONFINTEA in Retrospect by Ana Maria Barros Pinto
Belém Framework for Action
An Experience of the Global Agenda by Noël Bonam
Meeting a Strong Brazilian Woman by Kirsten Bruun
People and Social Movements we met in Brazil by Rikke Schultz

Salomão Hage Interview by Ana Maria Barros Pint

Volume 39 1+2 – 2009
Theme: The BRIC-countries


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