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For general inquiries, membership details and/or to make a donation, you may reach the Association for World Education via email at or at one of the following mailing addresses:

Association for World Education
℅. Ms. Rikke Schultz
Landevejen 6
5683 Hårby,

Association for World Education
℅. Mr. Noël Bonam
P.O. Box 17533
Portland, ME 04101-7533
United States

The Association for World Education and its members across the globe offer a myriad of valued-added opportunities to get involved. If you are interested in knowing more specific details, please contact us at and we will find an ideal match for your skills and interests.

The following list gives you a sense of the opportunities we offer for you to get involved in this important work –

  • You may make a charitable donation to AWE International. We often work with you to make sure that your financial support is directed towards the specific region or activity of your interest.
  • You may become a member of AWE either as an individual or as an organization. Please contact us for details on the membership application process.
  • You may volunteer for the global organization and/or for one of our chapters in over 20 countries. Again, we ensure that your skills and interests as leveraged in the most thoughtful manner. We are ALWAYS looking for volunteer support.
  • You may travel, at your own expense, along with AWE leadership to our member countries on specific projects to personally experience the grass-roots efforts in different parts of the world.
  • Finally, you may join our “Global Ambassadors Circle.” Please ask us how.

img_32421For further information, please send an email to

Get involved in this global network for education, democracy and human rights!

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