Networking Partners


AWE’s partners and network

AWE’s richness lies in its networks and partnerships. Time and again, these networks have brought value to the global organization and its members. The AWE has especially close connections to –

United Nations

AWE has since 1976 had consultative with ECOSOC in UN. AWE is represented by permanent delegates in the different UN offices. In UN Headquarters in New York AWE is represented by Mary Cattani, Noël Bonam and Hans B. C. Spiegel. In Vienna AWE is represented by Kirsten Bruun.


AWE has followed the work of UNESCO closely and has related to the international conferences on adult education such as the CONFINTEA – through participation and workshops during the conferences. AWE had a prominent role in the CONFINTEA V in Hamburg in 1997 and was actively present at CONFINTEA VI in Belem, Brazil in December 2009. Among other things, AWE members presented a well attended and well received workshop at CONFINTEA VI.


AWE has close and friendly relations with the International Council for Adult Education that organizes non formal adult education all over the world.


The International Academy for Education and Democracy was established in Denmark in 2001, based on deliberations at CONFINTEA V as a nonprofit organization that develops educational methodologies and practices related to the challenges for democracy coming from globalization. IAED relates closely to the ideas and aims of AWE – and provides organizational support for AWE international. IAED is headed by Jakob Erle, the president of AWE.

Founding Father Aage Rosendal Nielsen

Founding Father Aage Rosendal Nielsen