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Association for World Education (AWE) is an international NGO with consultative status at the United Nations and with members and chapters from more than 20 chapters across the world. AWE is a network of individuals, groups and organizations that work with innovative methods of sustainable education, lifelong learning, global citizenship and cultural exchange across the globe.

AWE began in the United States as the Association of World Colleges and Universities – but the idea that the Association should develop into a network for “World Colleges and Universities” was soon abolished and, in 1974, the name was changed to the Association for World Education – AWE. Soon thereafter, individuals became the core of the association which instantly provided an international network of individuals, but at the same time weakened the connection to the existing colleges, institutions and universities. Since then, AWE has worked consistently to include organizational partners and stakeholders into the global network and as a result, AWE has a comprehensive network of members who are individual and organizational partners from across the globe.

In 1976, AWE was present in the United Nations as a non-governmental organization for the first time and in 1978 the AWE obtained consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and UNESCO and has since participated in the work of the UN as an International NGO. This participation has always had a high priority. For 37 years the AWE has published the Journal for World Education.
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