Europeans campaigning for lifelong learning for all

Campaign for better education programmes in the EUEuropean education stakeholders invite European Union (EU) leaders to make lifelong learning a reality for all EU’s cialis super active citizens. A major campaign has been launched.


Currently a common position paper of EU’s major education and training stakeholders is reaching EU’s leaders at national and common level.

AWE’s European associate, Association for Community Colleges (ACC), is among the campaigners.

The position paper comes while EU is preparing its multiannual financial framework for 2014-2020. This framework is expected to be published on June 29th.

“We are particularly happy about the inclusive and holistic approach to lifelong learning, that the position paper recommends,” explains ACC board member Lucie Čížková, who is also vice-president of Association for World Education (AWE).

EU and World Education

ACC considers it a danger, if lifelong learning in the EU context becomes solely focused on competitiveness, employability and formal education. The formulations of our common position paper are much more in line with the World Education approach that is also in the Belém Framework for Action, explains Lucie Čížková.

The Belém Framework for Action reaffirms the four learning pillars, namely learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together.

The position paper of the EU education stakeholders resembles the learning pillars with a formulation like “…improving skills, knowledge and competences goes beyond the sole aim of improving employability and encompasses developing active citizenship and social cohesion.”

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