AWE organizational structure

AWE International is governed by the International Council that meets every three years. The International Council is constituted of representatives of all chapters and the personal members of AWE-international. The International Council decides on the admission of new chapters and personal members and it elects a president and four vice-presidents and four UN Representatives that lead the organization’s global vision and work.

AWE international is run entirely on voluntary contributions in kind from members and chapters and from organizational grants. The cost of the printing of Journal of World Education is covered by grants obtained by the Danish chapter from the Danish government. The organization and economy of the chapters is very diverse – ranging from totally voluntary organizations to organizations with membership fees and paid staff.

AWE chapters and activities

AWE has member chapters across the globe from Brazil to Russia, from Denmark to Sri Lanka and from the United States to the Philippines. AWE Chapters are typically non-governmental, voluntary organizations of individuals and institutions that share the goals and objectives of AWE. Often, the goal and philosophy is based on that of the Association of World Education, on life enlightenment, lifelong learning and world education inspired by a great number of thinkers who have a concept of the universal.

Member Chapters disseminate non-formal adult education, in particular within the areas of political, social and cultural issues, and to work for the ideals of the United Nations: peace, tolerance, understanding between peoples and nations, and international cooperation. Though tasks and activities may differ from chapter to chapter, they carry common threads across the board as they promote intercommunication and inter-action among individuals and organizations which are working to spread the ideas of AWE and they spotlight those innovations in education and in development which strengthen the linkages between the local and global action.

The Association for World Education is governed by the Global Presidency which is comprised of a Global President, five Vice-Presidents (representing various regions of the world) and a Treasurer. The officers of the Presidency are elected by the International Council which meets one every three years. The International Council is comprised of individual members and representatives of Institutional members and Chapters from around the world.

Since October 2013, Noel Bonam (USA) has been the Global President. The Vice-Presidents are Alan Furth (USA), Ana Maria Barros Pinto (Brazil), Rikke Schultz (Denmark), Roberto Nikko (Philippines) and Sujit Paul (India). The Treasurer is Palle Moldrup (Denmark). The Presidency is responsible for the overall success of the organization’s vision and mission and for providing governance across the global organization. They are in-charge of developing and executing the strategic plan along with members for organizational development and growth.

The five UN Representatives are Rex Schade (Denmark), Guido-Henri De Couvreur (Belgium),  Mary Cattani (USA), Kirsten Brunn (Denmark) and Vera Francis (USA). The UN Representatives are responsible for bringing the priorities and agendas of the AWE Networks to the United Nations and to represent the interests of AWE’s global membership as they may pertain to lifelong learning, sustainable living and global citizenship.

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